TenCate Mirafi® FW Woven geotextiles

TenCate Mirafi® FW is a high performance polypropylene woven geotextiles with high UV resistance designed to perform filtration functions in waste landfill engineering. In leachate filtration, studies have shown that optimum filtration requires a filter with opening stability and high permeability, capable of withstanding the effects of diverse leachate concentrations and flow rates. For landfill cover systems, Mirafi® FW geotextiles allow infiltrating surface water to pass through and prevent fines from clogging the drainage system, thus minimising water getting into the landfill.

Benefits of Mirafi® FW:

  • Stable and uniform opening sizes ensures high permeability under varying load stresses
  • Mirafi® FW is inert to biological and microbial clogging
  • Superior filtration performance minimises the clogging on the lining system
  • Its robust nature ensures a long term filtration performance and stability of landfills

Typical Applications of Mirafi® FW

Drainage and Filtration Solutions

Our nonwoven and filtration geotextiles offers superior drainage, filtration and anti-clogging properties. Ideal for drainage systems and erosion control.

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TenCate Solutions for Environmental Sustainability

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Mirafi® FW - Subsoil drainage of artificial turf sports field

USA, Wisconsin, Osh Kosh

A new state of the art artificial grass multipurpose field was to be constructed over an existing natural grass football field.

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