Erosion protection with TenCate Geobags

TenCate Geotube® Geobags are versatile and highly robust engineered containers used to protect coastal and inland waterways from erosion. The material of the geobag containers can consist of either an engineered woven or a composite fabric depending on the application requirements and are combined with high capacity seams to produce pillow or box shaped containers.

The geobags units typically range in volume from 0.5m³ to 8m³. These geobag containers are hydraulically filled with sand either near-site or on-site prior to placement and are used to construct revetments and other hydraulic structures such as filling in scour holes, closing breached dykes, and as basic armor units for erosion protection works. Often for canal and riverbank applications, the three-dimensional fabrics of composite geobag containers enhance soil entrapment and encourage vegetation growth. TenCate's geobag containers are available in beige and green to blend in to its natural surroundings.

Benefits of TenCate Geobag:

  • Excellent armor for erosion protection. Ideal for revetments and other hydraulic structures
  • Versatile and highly robust engineered prefabricated to required sizes
  • Three-dimensional fabric enhances soil entrapment and vegetation growth
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Cost effective and easy to install
  • Geobags are available in biege and green options

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Woven geobags for riverbank erosion protection

Malaysia, Selangor

High surface runoff from nearby housing developments near Sg. Choh in Selangor, Malaysia have resulted in a rapid increase in the volume of water carried by the river.

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