TenCate Mirafi® High strength PET woven geotextiles

TenCate Mirafi® PET high strength woven geotextiles are made from high tenacity polyester yarns with long term high strength reinforcement properties ideal for basal reinforcement applications on soft soils, piles and over cavities. Mirafi® PET high strength woven geotextiles provide a cost effective solution to achieve greater and quicker stability of embankments constructed on soft foundations.

Benefits of Mirafi® PET :

  • Excellent stress/strain behavior
  • High long term design strength with low creep effects
  • Enables optimum embankment height over a minimum area and steeper side slopes
  • Increase in construction speed with no loss of stability
  • Resistance to outward movement of the embankment
  • Long term properties for performance over the lifetime of the structure
  • Long and wide rolls including custom made sizes to facilitate ease of installation

Typical Applications of Mirafi® PET


Basal Reinforcement Solutions

High strength PET woven geotextiles is a cost effective solution for basal reinforcement of embankments on soft foundations, piles and over cavities.

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Mirafi® PET - Basal Reinforced Embankments on Soft Soil

Australia, Cape Preston

The Sino Iron Project was a world class, large scale magnetite iron ore project located at Cape Preston, 100km south west of Karratha, in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

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