Lining with geosynthetic clay liners (GCL)

Lining is the use of a geosynthetic such as a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) to function as a barrier to fluid by lining the base and slope of landfills, canals and ponds.

GCL's are commonly used to line the base of landfills as a barrier system to liquids. With the implementation of environmental legislations, seepage from landfills must be collected and disposed of appropriately to prevent contamination of ground water. Due to its low hydraulic conductivity and stability in structure, TenCate Enviromat® GCL’s work effectively as a barrier layer in limiting the seepage of liquids, leachates and gases out of landfills. When installed on slopes, Enviromat® GCL’s exhibit good internal shear resistance even at large shear strains. The upper and bottom geotextile layers of Enviromat® GCL’s also interact with the soil to provide external shear resistance to ensure the soil overburden does not slide over the GCL surface while the GCL itself does not slide over the foundation slope surface.

To reduce flooding and erosion problems, detention ponds are included as a solution in stormwater management. Enviromat® GCL’s are commonly applied as a base liner in these detention ponds to effectively prevent water leakage from the base and sides of the ponds. Enviromat® GCL’s are also used in landscape and recreational ponds, golf course ponds, dams, reservoirs, canals and other water impoundments for the same function.

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