TenCate Mirafi® PP Woven geotextiles

TenCate Mirafi® PP series are woven fabrics, made of fibrillated polypropylene yarns, developed and manufactured mainly for the usage as separation and reinforcement geosynthetics in road constructions. They are also available with woven-in loops and additives for durability in under water applications.

Benefits of Mirafi® PP:

  • High modulus fabrics, high tensile strength at low elongation
  • Separation, filtration and reinforcement in one product to install
  • Can be prefabricated to meet exact dimensions
  • Excellent chemical resistance, even in alkalis soils

Typical Applications of Mirafi® PP

Pond Capping

TenCate woven geotextiles and fascine mattress are used to provide access on soft, saturated ponds to begin closure with a compacted clay layer or geomembrane.


Mirafi® PP - Construction of Breakwater

Indonesia, Sumatra

Complete in March 1985, the new Port of Bengkulu, located at Pulau Baai along the West Coast of Sumatra, Indonesia is an important gateway for the economic development of the Bengkulu region.

Geosynthetics for Sludge Pond Capping

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