Surface erosion control solutions

Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling water or wind erosion in land development, coastal areas, inland waterways and site construction.

Surface soil erosion on slopes is primarily caused by heavy rainfall that dislodges top soil. Climate change and rising hillside developments contributes to erosion problems if preventive measures are not taken to protect the slopes. Erosion from unprotected slopes can cause damage to infrastructures and disrupt operations at its surrounding areas running up massive costs on repair works and down time.

TenCate Geosynthetics offer Polyfelt® TM13C high performance turf reinforcement mats, Polymat EM and Envirofelt range of erosion control mats to provide bare soil retention, vegetation nurturing and high-performance turf reinforcement. Our range of erosion control products lower the overall carbon footprint by reducing the volume of raw material required as well as decreasing material handling effort in the field. TenCate's erosion control products assist with the dissipation of flowing water, and the increased roughness coefficient, combined with greater light penetration, creates a nurturing environment in which the grass root system can grow and stabilize the slopes. Depending on the areas of application, these range of solutions can also be applied to road embankments, reinforced soil structures, landscapes, landfill covers, riverbanks, ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

Another solution for erosion control on slopes is Envirocell geocell. Envirocell is a cellular soil confinement system which provides lateral confinement of various infill materials such as soil, granular material and concrete. Its inert polyethelene material is impervious to the effects of chemicals in soil or prolonged exposure to sunlight. It can also be used as a facing system for vertical or steep retaining structures.

TenCate Polyfelt® Heavy Duty TS and Polyfelt® KE nonwoven geotextiles are ideal for erosion control of water infrastructures such as dams, waterways, coastal protection structures, ports and harbours.

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