TenCate Polyfelt® Paving reinforced geocomposite

TenCate Polyfelt® PGM-G is a high tensile stiffness glass filament reinforced geocomposite. Polyfelt® PGM-G is ideally suited to the maintenance of any major pavement structures. 

The benefits of TenCate Polyfelt® PGM-G at a glance:

  • Sealing: Bitumen saturated Polyfelt® PGM-G prevents rain from penetrating into the road structure.
  • Reinforcement: Polyfelt® PGM-G has high tensile stiffness (elongation of strain <3%) that is highly compatible to the new overlay asphalt surface.
  • Stress relief: Minimize the differential stresses between substrate and new overlay. Crack propagation and reflective cracking is therefore reduced.
  • Adhesive bonding: Provide uniform bonding between old surface and new asphalt layers.
  • Ease of installation: When a laying device is used, Polyfelt® PGM-G can be installed easily and quickly without any fixing material.
  • Recycling: Asphalt layers reinforced with Polyfelt® PGM-G can be milled easily with conventional methods.

    Typical Applications of Polyfelt® PGM-G

    Pavement Structure Rehabilitation

    Our paving geotextiles restores pavement surfaces and improves the new asphalt overlay on highways and roads for extended durabilty and lower maintenance cost.

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    Polyfelt® PGM-G - Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation

    India, Tamilnadu

    This project consists of strengthening the existing 9 to 12m width road pavement structure to allow excess traffic flow and to decrease the maintenance cost for 20km stretch of the highway.

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