Dewatering with Geotube® containment technology

Dewatering is the use of a Geotube® containment technology to remove water from solid or semi-solid material, including mineral wastes, slurries and sludges.

TenCate Geosynthetics has pioneered Geotube® Technology for over 50 years. TenCate Geotube® dewatering technology has become the dewatering method of choice for organizations around the world. TenCate Geotube® dewatering technology is used for projects large and small, and there’s good reason—simplicity and low cost.

There are no belts or gears. Geotube® containers are available in a variety of sizes, depending on your volume and space requirements. TenCate Geotube® systems can even be mounted in mobile roll-off containers that can be transported around your property as necessary. It’s one of the most versatile dewatering technologies available for a variety of industries and one of the most effective.

The dewatering containers can be custom-sized to the application, placed in available space between other structures, and removed once dewatering is complete. In some cases, conditioners or polymers are used to promote flocculation to increase dewatering rate, improve solids retention and filtrate quality. Volume reduction can be as much as 90%, with high solid levels that make removal and disposal easy. In some industries such as mining, power and utility, pulp and paper and other general industries that produce sludge, TenCate Geotube® dewatering technology enables the recovery of valuable materials, provides structural stability, improves water quality, or just reduces storage footprint by sometimes 50 to 80%.

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